Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Witch Stones

Hand-painted Gem Witch Stones with Casting Chart, Satin Drawstring Bag and Instructions

Witch Stones, Divination Done Right!

Witch Stones:

The reading of Witch Stones, also known as lithomancy, divination by stones has long been associated with witchcraft. Prediction by casting witch stones has long been a skill of witches & wise women, and now with this kit you can learn this ancient art and do a Witch Stone reading for yourself and your friends!
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Features of these very special Witch Stones:

  • A magical source of ancient wisdom and guidance can be found within these Witch Stones! This divination set enables a beginner or an expert to be able to make very precise readings within minutes.

  • Let the Witch Stones reveal answers to your questions about: Love, Money, Career, Health, Travel, Future Opportunities or just about anything you need answers to!

  • Just toss the Witch Stones onto the pentagram casting chart and follow the interpretation instructions and an accurate reading will be yours!

  • Set includes eight natural gemstones, hand-painted with symbols of magical tools, pentagram casting chart, and instructions with interpretations.

  • Box Size: 6-1/2"x5-1/4"

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